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VERYGOOD V3 ORGANIC OAT BETA GLUCAN POWDER made from finest organic high strength Oat Bran imported directly from Finland, and Organic Barley Grass. It has been proven scientifically worldwide that daily consumption of 3g of Beta Glucan can lower our cholesterol level significantly in just a few weeks. Fully endorsed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, it acts to protect our heart from life threatening cardiovascular diseases associated with high cholesterol and blood pressure. Enriched with Organic Barley grass, produce a good result in reducing cholesterol, aid in relieving gastrointestinal tract problem and elimination of toxins. 维绿谷V3有机燕麦麸营养餐由来自芬兰进口的优质有机燕麦麸,与有机大麦草配制而成。经过科学证明,每天食用3克beta 葡聚糖,可以在短短几个星期内,更有效的降低我们体内的胆固醇水平。 马来西亚卫生部认证,Beta 葡聚糖在日常生活中的作用,是保护我们的心脏,不受高胆固醇及高血压导致的心血管疾病的威胁。 与大麦草配搭,更有助于降低胆固醇,改善肠胃问题及体内排毒。 Oat Beta-glucan Beta-glucan acts as a sponge in intestine and soaking up excess bad cholesterol and removing it from our body, thus help to maintain a healthy cholesterol level and lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. β-葡聚糖在肠胃扮演着海绵的角色,与坏胆固醇结合,把它们排出体外,以维持健康的胆固醇水平,从而降低罹患心脏病及中风的风险。 Barley Grass 大麦草 Barley Grass known as “super food” as it is rich in vitamins,minerals and amino acids.Other then chlorophyll,vitamins A,B,C,iron and calcium,barley grass also contains a great amount of electrolytes,plant enzymes and antioxidants. Barley grass contains more than 70 types of trace minerals,of which calcium is 10 times more than milk;iron is 5 times more than spinach while Vitamin C is 7 times greater than provides 18 types of amino acids,of which 9 of them are not produced in human body.Barley grass is a source of protein and it helps to lower cholesterol and reduce body acidity. 大麦草被称为超级食物,因为它内含多种维生素,矿物质,酵素,氨基酸;除了丰富的叶绿素,维生素A,B,C,铁质及钙质,大麦草也含有大量的电解矿物质,钾,镁及磷,还有丰富的植物酵素及抗氧化物。大麦草所含的钙是牛奶中的十倍,铁是菠菜的五倍,维生素C是橘子的七倍。大麦草中有超过70种以上的微量矿物质,可以提供18种氨基酸,其中包括9种人体无法自行合成的必需氨基酸,是蛋白质的重要来源;并且有助于降低胆固醇及改善酸性体质。 *Help to manage blood glucose level 有助血糖管理 *Help to control blood pressure 有助控制血压 *Help in weight management 有助控制体重 *Help to prevent intestinal disease /disorder有助预防肠道疾病 *Help to improve Immune System 有助提升免疫能力 *Help to improve skin complexion 有助改善肤质